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Service provider :

Name : Eugénie TOBA


Headoffice :  F 54520 LAXOU

Bank datas IBAN FR 51 2004 1010  1000  3194 0V03 155  BIC PSSTFRPPNCY

SIREN N° 389 084 724

SIRET N° 389.084.724.00027 –

APE N° 7022Z –

 URSSAF 540.773.397.371

Training center registered under nr 41.54.01008.54 with Préfet de la Région Lorraine –

VAT NB : FR28 389.084.724

Preamble :

Every order means acceptance of these general sales terms which prevale over any document or purchase terms issued by the customer.

Any clause included into contrats, documents, writtings of the customer which would be opposite to these GST are considered as null and void in regards of our company.

1 . subject

The present general sales terms concern :

* the inter and intra-trainings into companies and diagnosis of their import export files

*the back office of international sales

* the international accompaniment service

2 . garanty

We shall force us to set up every necessay means to garanty the best service in regards of the actual uses in our field.

3 . responsability

TCI cannot be responsive for :

.any loss or damage which directly or undirectly occurs with our services

any direct or undirect damage suffered by the customer during our services.

When we use material provided by the customer, we cannot be responsive for any damage to this materal, apart from a proved neglect of our personal. The control of the good condition of the material provided by the customer is not our job or responsablility. The customer accepts the responsabilitity to be the only one who has to control the material before using.

4 . order

Our customers transmit us written orders, writting under our offers "approved" with the signature of the manager or director who can engage its company ; then, these offers will be contracts for the services described. These orders will be definitive after our written aknowledge of our company describing every usefull information about dates, localisation, description of the services.

Order of our customers can be accepted only after receipt of a partial prepayment.

5 . order's changing

Any quantity or quality changing in a confirmed order may be accepted only if it does not disturb the correct execution of the service.

6. TCI cancellation or postpone 

TCI has the right the postpone or cancel a service due to organisation reasons, at least 2 weeks before the beginnning of the service.

We also have the right to cancell or  suspend an order's execution until the total payment of our invoices, without any penality against us.

7 . customer's cancellation or postpone

The customer may postpone his order.

In case of cancellation or postponing less than 2 weeks before the beginning of the service, 30% of the price service will be billed by TCI..

In order to be valid, any cancellation/postpone must be notified by writing (letter).

8 . price

Our prices are firm for the validity written in our offer. They do not include any VAT. But depending on the case, a VAT can be additionally billed.

Our prices are based on the economical coditions in force at the moment of the aknowledgment of order and they can be revised according to the economic conditions and in regards of the on site laws of the country where the service is done.

9. payment terms and penalities

Our services are to be paid 50% at the order and 50% at presentation of the report or as duly specified into our offers. No discount will be accepted.

In case of partial or total payment delay, penalities will be billed according to the European Directive nr 2000/35, knowing that it is not necessary to formally notify this.

The payments have to be issued at the order of TOBA COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL and sent to our address by check or bank transfer as stated above.

10. force majeure, hardship clause

Our company is not responsive in case of any exterior event, independant of our will which may keep us from doing our service or may postpone the good execution of the TCI service or of its subcontractors. The force majeure facts may be for instance strikes, interruption of transport, brands, incidents, accidents, but this list is not exhaustive.

11 . intellectual property and confidentiality

Our customers engage themselves to respect the whole intellectual property rights, registered brand names, drawings, models, author rights of our company. The copy, rent or more generally use or diffusion with a commercial aim or not of any support issued in course of our services are absolutely vorbidden. Our customers engage themselves to inform us of any facts they know of this nature which may involve the non respect of our intellectual property rights.

TCI engages itself to respect the confidentality of the details of the services realised for its customers. They are owners of the TCI written reports.

12 . Juridiction and law

The sales of these services are submitted to the French law.

In case that an agreement is not possible, only the Tribunal of Nancy is competent.

13. Computer and Liberty :

The information collected along the commercial relations are only for internal use and will never be given to third parties. The prospects or customers have the right to access to these datas, can modify them and cancel them according to art 34 of the law about computer and liberty. To exercise this right, you can contact by mail 



CNIL déclaration nr 1374724
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